Connecting people to life as God intended it.



Transformed Lives. People. Community.


Authentic community is very important to us. This isn’t just a “when we’re together” thing, but we demonstrate in all of life our love and genuine concern for one another. God intended us to be better together.

Changed Lives

This is what we expect to see. God meets us where we are, but we don’t remain there. A follower of Jesus is a growing, transforming person. We are committed to seeing transformation in lives through all that we do. God intended us to live the life that Jesus modeled.

Formed by the Word

The Bible is central to our lives. The Word of God and our response to it drive what we do and believe. From our large to small gatherings to our personal times of devotion, the Bible shows us God’s perspective on His world and our place in it. God intended His Word to reshape our lives.


More than just a song, it is a lifestyle. Our worship is not just a particular service or a part of our gatherings, but a life of devotion to God. All that we are and all that we have are used to praise Him for who He is, what He has done, and what He is doing. God intended our everyday lives to be our worship.


Whatever the makeup, these building blocks of society are our priority. Community transformation begins with reaching families of all different shapes and sizes. We seek to make an impact across all life-stages, but we have a deep concern for the next generation. We must connect with the foundation of our community, the families, being as open and caring to children as Jesus was, so we can have a lasting impact beginning now and stretching into tomorrow. God intended us to welcome the little ones.


This is what we are responsible to carry out. We begin where we have been strategically placed as a light to the world. Our energy, our time, even our resources are investments we can make to meet needs, build relationships, and earn the right to speak the truth in love about Jesus and the kind of life He intended us to live. This leads us to seek out needs in the community and intentionally seek to make a difference as we go out on mission. God intended us to share the kind of life He offers through Jesus.

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