Community Church is a part of the Church of God, with headquarters in Anderson, Indiana.  This body of believers includes congregations all over the world. We believe in oneness with every follower of Christ, regardless of denominational ties.  We know that the Church of God (Christ’s body) is much, much greater than our fellowship and we join hands with our brothers and sisters around the world.


Almost one hundred years ago, a small sunday school was started by a few caring individuals in Mount Carmel in the “chapel below the hill” on south Cherry street and quickly associated themselves with the Church of God.  Soon, they had to relocate to a larger facility at the corner of 2nd and Cherry streets.  The congregation continued to grow and minister to the community and in 1960, they built a new structure, which we occupy today.


One subject you may notice is missing in these pages describing Community Church; we have no formal membership.  If one is a follower of Christ, then we consider him or her a member of God’s church.  Our congregation does not vote anyone into its fellowship.  After all, man does not set a person into the body of Christ – only God can do that.

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