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More than just a program at Community, we want to embed the idea that we are all learners and followers of Jesus and discipleship isn’t reserved for a select group alone. The vision of Community is to first see transformation at the individual level. We want everyone to move from “finding my way” either to Christ or in Christ, to becoming a “fully devoted follower.”

Community Discipleship is a course consisting of 12 classes that are offered at scheduled times throughout the year. It is not required that you begin with Class 1 and walk all the way through, though for a new believer or someone just taking ownership of their discipleship journey, it is suggested you take all 12 classes.

Community Discipleship offers classes ranging from basic beliefs and practices to finding your place to connect in the church. It is our desire for these classes to not be something you move through and check off your list, but the catalysts for real transformation to take place as you learn to move forward in your spiritual growth.

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