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God has called us to serve others. God has called us to share the Good News. When we put God first, opportunities both big and small can have more of an impact than we can imagine.

Christians have been given the privilege to be the light of the world. The Outreach Ministry is focused on being that light in action. Our goal is to extend ourselves into the community to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to others by serving and loving them where they are. We minister to the whole person physically and spiritually. We ask for God to show us a need so we can fulfill it. If people ask why, our answer is Jesus.  It’s not about numbers, but rather touching lives so that we can demonstrate the love and mercy given to us. We all have the responsibility to take what has been given freely to us and share it with others.

So what does this look like? Outreach can involve meeting needs such as food, laundry, carwash, teaching a skill, being a listening ear, volunteering for community service, giving time, money, other items.But most importantly, outreach is praying for God to take what we are giving and use it to make an impact on someone’s life for His Glory.

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