Get in Shape – Abilities


Get in Shape – Abilities
January 28, 2018
Passage: Ephesians 2:10; Acts 11:29
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Ever known anyone with natural born ability? The kind of person who doesn’t have to work at anything because she is great at everything? When stacked against someone who has to work hard to have any athletic skill at all, it’s clear why they call some one “a natural.” When we watch these people get in shape, it seems they hardly have to sweat to see great results. Then, there’s us! We shouldn’t ever look down on others because some people are “natural” at something we’re not. It’s how God fashioned each of us. Not only are we given specific gifts by God’s Spirit, we already possess some intrinsic abilities that enable us to do certain things with ease. We have to pay attention to our natural abilities. Not everyone can do what we can, and that’s both OK and necessary. The body doesn’t need more than two arms or two legs. The body doesn’t need six eyes. Just like the Body of Christ doesn’t need everyone to have the same gifts from the Spirit, we also all need to bring our unique abilities forward so the body is complete, lacking nothing. Each person is a masterpiece of Creator God, and no two of us are alike. Our mix of gifts and natural abilities enable us to be the specific SHAPE we’re created to be.