Get in Shape – New Year’s Revolution


Get in Shape – New Year’s Revolution
January 7, 2018
Passage: JEREMIAH 1:5; PSALM 139:13-16
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Whatever it is about the New Year that causes us to take personal inventory, likely one of the things you’ve reviewed about yourself is your physical fitness. Am I in the shape I want to be? What do I need to do to improve my physique? What will it take to get in shape this year?
After all the questions come the myriad solutions — how tos, DIY cleanses and juice fasts, even the dreaded gym membership! But somewhere along the way, most of us will abandon ship — statistics say January is the busiest month of the year at a gym, but a huge percentage of those joining in January won’t be around in 3 months — and let apathy takeover. For some it seems too big to overcome, for others too unimportant.
Yet it’s our SHAPE, the way we’re made from the beginning and how we live into our potential, that I believe God is most concerned about. Not just at the New Year, but all year. But our version of SHAPE and His are two different things. Perhaps if we align our priorities with God’s priorities, everything will take the shape it should — our hearts and minds as well as our bodies.
This week, we’ll take a look at the SHAPE God wants us to be in, and we’ll build our goal from here.