Get In Shape – Personality


Get In Shape – Personality
February 4, 2018
Passage: JOHN 13:36-38, JOHN 18, ACTS 2, Galatians 1:13-17, JOHN 12:1-8
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There comes a point in our fitness focus where we plateau, and nothing moves on the scale or our
bodies. At this point we begin to give up, saying “I guess this is just how I am.” And we teach
ourselves... and subconsciously tell others to “deal with it.”
The same can be said of our personalities. For a while, relationships are in sync, and then
something goes haywire. When our wiring is at odds with others, we’re quick to defend our
particular peculiarities. “Deal with it,” we say.
God hardwired all of us differently — and that’s a good thing! It’s our unique personalities — how we
behave in everyday circumstances — that can be both a source of joy and tension in relationship
with others... and with God. If we try to force everyone to be the way we are, we’ll lose not only the
creative dynamic of God’s handiwork in us, but also the ability to reach people of different
personalities around us. (Imagine where we’d be without Peter, Paul and Mary?)
We must be fully surrendered to the One who’s working out our “work out” plan. If we learn to view
others with their preferences and diverse characteristics as equally important and valuable as our
own, we’ll begin to take the SHAPE God designed when we knit us together in the beginning.